Letter of appreciation from the Department to Cecily Tyler the founder of Docutribe

This year has encouraged successful collaboration between students and teachers of the Department of Communicative Linguistics and Translation at Chernivtsi National University and Cecily Tyler, founder of the New York-based non-profit Docutribe, Inc. Members of the organization believe in the transformative potential of narrative, filmmaking, and technology to promote social good.

Cecily Tyler is committed to creating social impact via the power of storytelling and filmmaking, and she went out to the Director of the Department, Vasyl Bialyk, to seek partnership and provide Ukrainian students with a unique opportunity to convey their tales on an international scale.

Cecily Tyler, a global citizen with 25 years of experience as a filmmaker and storyteller, has dedicated her career to promoting leadership, innovation, social impact, and community participation through cinema, technology, and the arts. Cecily’s previous expertise includes working as a journalist, educator, TV director, and producer of documentaries, interactive games, theatre, animation, and cinema. She has produced content for the Discovery Network, PBS/WGBH, the NBC News educational website “NBC News Learn,” New York Times Television, BBC NYC, the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, Brown Alpert Medical School; The Department of Labor YouthBuild, YouthBuild USA, and numerous independent productions.

Under the direction of Cecily Tyler, the students and staff of the Department of Communicative Linguistics and Translation have been carefully acquiring new abilities in creating short films and improving their understanding of cinema history. In the past few months, Cecily Tyler has led a large number of seminars. Participants are grateful for the opportunity to acquire new information about storytelling and filmmaking, which can spark social change by bringing cameras and technology to communities.

Throughout the sessions, students were able to acquire a variety of valuable and applicable skills, such as how to conduct interviews, how to film in various places and environments, and how to edit and distribute video content. Students of the Department of Communicative Linguistics and Translation will be able to discover new types of translation, such as localization, subtitling, and dubbing, with the assistance of the acquired abilities in video editing software. In addition to practical skills, students have the opportunity to get comprehensive academic instruction in filmmaking fundamentals. Step-by-step instruction on the fundamentals of filmmaking, including brainstorming, the fundamentals of script writing, preparation for filming, and filming itself, was provided during the meetings.

The department is immensely appreciative of Cecily Taylor’s incredibly engaging and beneficial course and diligent and fruitful work ethic. We look forward to our continued partnership in the future!

Students and faculty of the Department of Communicative Linguistics and Translation at the National University of Chernivtsi.

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